Can Type 2 diabetes lead to heart disease?

Post date: 10/2/2022

Diabetes and heart disease have a direct connection, with the diabetic up to four times more likely to die from heart attack. The good news? It’s manageable, even preventable. The impact of diabetes Many older adults struggle with diabetes, or linger at the tipping point between abnormally high blood sugar and a formal diagnosis. But […]

Sun Health Receives CDC Full Plus Recognition For Diabetes Prevention Program

Post date: 10/12/2023

Sun Health was recently recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the impact of its National Diabetes Prevention Program. This recognition stems from ongoing work to help those at risk to make necessary nutritional, physical activity and behavioral changes to improve health and prevent or delay the onset of type 2 […]

Is it time to take the keys? Driving and dementia

Post date: 9/18/2023

The road can be uncertain when your loved one is diagnosed with memory loss. Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigators offers advice on delicate decisions around whether driving is still safe. The road can be uncertain when your loved one is diagnosed with memory loss. Dementia, with the most common form being Alzheimer’s, is the general […]

Chair Yoga For Strength, Balance and More

Post date: 4/18/2023

Do you often feel tense? Has it become difficult to bend down and tie your shoes due to stiff joints? Are you often worried about falling? If so, chair yoga is the ideal exercise to add to your daily routine. The stabilized motions of chair yoga are known to alleviate some of the most common […]

Sun Health’s Recommended Foods for Bone Health

Post date: 4/16/2023

Here are lists of foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium– which help with keeping bones healthy and strong. Vitamin D rich foods: Milk: 8 oz has 2.5 micrograms (mcg) or 100 IU (international units) vitamin D Some brands of juice; the amount of vitamin D varies Margarine: 1 Tbsp has 1.5 mcg […]

5 Benefits of Medical Nutrition Therapy

Post date: 1/3/2023

With age, dietary needs can change and shift depending on the state of your health. While maintaining good health is always a top priority, sometimes chronic diseases can creep in. However, you might be surprised to learn there are therapeutic diets which can help treat many chronic diseases. Following a personalized nutrition treatment plan, like […]


Post date: 12/13/2022

Holiday activities may confuse or over-stimulate a person with dementia. Family members may struggle to find a happy medium between celebrating and not upsetting their loved one. The following tips can help you find a balance between peace on earth (and at home) and holiday merriment. Make “Less is More” your mantra for the holidays. […]

How to Stay Well During the Holidays

Post date: 11/28/2022

Holidays are full of festivities – family time, food, events, traveling, you name it. But sometimes, the holiday season can bring stress and anxiety when you’re trying to stick to healthy eating habits and a consistent exercise routine. The key to staying on track with your goals is to plan well in advance and get […]

Annual No-Cost Event Provides Lifesaving Tips For Those at Risk or Living with Diabetes

Post date: 10/28/2022

Think of Three People You Know – One of Them Needs Information Sun Health is Sharing Annual No-Cost Event Provides Lifesaving Tips For Those at Risk or Living with Diabetes SURPRISE, ARIZ. – The statistics are staggering. More than 30 million people have diabetes, meaning one in 10 people have the disease, which left untreated […]

Sun Health’s annual no-cost event goal is to keep dangerous stats from climbing

Post date: 9/19/2022

Fall in Love, Fall Asleep, But Don’t Fall Down Sun Health’s annual no-cost event goal is to keep dangerous stats from climbing SURPRISE, ARIZ. – Stand-up straight, walk a fine line, stay on the straight and narrow. What we’ve heard all our lives sounds simple, however, the opposite is true as the Centers for Disease […]

Can the Memory Care Navigator help me or someone I love?

Post date: 8/21/2022

You can depend on the Sun Health Memory Care Navigator to share knowledge about dementia and available community resources when you or a loved one experience memory lapses, behavioral changes and the inevitable functional decline brought on by dementia. The Navigator helps minimize the stress of supporting a loved one with this chronic disease. The […]

Exercise and reducing brain aging: How staying active may benefit the brain

Post date: 6/1/2022

Brain health is closely linked to exercise, which can serve as a protective mechanism to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. While doctors recommend exercise to almost everyone, as you begin to enter retirement, exercise becomes a vital component toward protecting yourself from a wide array of physical ailments. Exercise can be as […]

Highly Acclaimed Diabetes Programs – Time to Register

Post date: 4/30/2022

Sun Health’s Center for Health & Wellbeing offers many evidence-based programs led by highly-trained and certified experts in their field, and without exception is our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and our Diabetes Self-Management Education (DMSE) program. These highly acclaimed programs are successful in helping attendees in some cases prevent diabetes from developing and in others, […]

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