At Sun Health Wellness, we understand coping with cancer can be difficult, as feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, disbelief and fear can occur. These feelings are normal and can subside with the help of a strong support system you can lean on. Whether it’s your friends and family or our supportive staff, it’s important to surround yourself with those who provide hope and encouragement. We also recommend learning about your diagnosis, so you feel confident and in control of your health.

About Cancer

Cancer refers to any of the large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide and spread into other tissue. While there are many factors that are considered causes of cancer, the most common come down to age, lifestyle habits, family history, health conditions and environment.

Many treatments are available and depend on the individual’s type and stage of the cancer, general health and personal preferences. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant, clinical trials and more. In addition, there are alternative medicine options available to ease side effects and improve quality of life, such as acupuncture, massages, meditation, yoga and relaxation.

How We Can Help

Personalized Recommendations

Receive nutritional guidance from registered dietitians in addition to a personalized exercise plan from certified physiologists.


We provide free educational classes taught by talented health professionals who work in the areas of cancer treatment and prevention.


In addition to our educational classes, we can share resources and referrals for support groups, financial assistance, emotional support and more.

LiveWell Magazine

Sun Health Wellness is dedicated to providing the tools and resources to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle for all. LiveWell magazine is available to the community and contains monthly health and wellness information, upcoming health and wellness programs and classes and inspiring impact stories from members of the community.

Wellness Advocates

Our Wellness Advocates are here to support you through your health journey.

Class Calendar

We update our class calendar every month and always have new topics to cover.