Larry W.

Diabetes Education Leads to Positive Health Future 

Larry W. has been a Type 2 diabetic since 2008 and thought he understood how to manage the disease. “Within the past year I started to see changes with extreme highs and lows with my blood sugar levels,” he says. “It was time to reeducate myself to better control my diabetes.”

The changes in his blood sugar impacted daily living. “If I had extremely low blood sugar, I would find myself napping most of the day,” says Larry. “The extreme highs caused vision problems and confusion. It was time to get a better handle on it.”

Luckily for him, he had access to Sun Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program at the Grace Bible Church in Sun City. “The parish nurse prodded me to join the class, thinking it would be good for me.” The cost of the class was covered by his health insurance.

Larry found the topics covered in class extremely helpful. “I learned the difference between Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes, diet, exercise, medications and how best to use them.”

The last topic turned out to be life changing. DSME Instructor Julia Deen suggested Larry talk to his pharmacist about how he was taking his diabetes medications. “I was taking my medications at the wrong time,” he says. “I was taking them after food, when I should be taking them before food.” That change has helped him have better control of high blood sugar levels.

Larry’s primary care doctor was especially supportive of the DSME class. “My doctor admits he’s not a diabetes specialist and commended me for using the Sun Health program,” he says.

The support Larry received from other DSME class members was also impactful. “The camaraderie was great,” he says. “All of the class participants were members of the church whom I had known casually. Now we ask each other how we’re doing. We’ve even discussed creating an ongoing diabetes support group.”

Larry sees a more positive health future after taking the DSME class. “Quality of life is so important, especially as you get older,” he says. I want to maintain my quality of life for my beautiful wife and family and be an active, healthy person for as long as I can.”

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