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Maintaining proper nutrition is a common health challenge affecting older adults. The causes of poor nutrition stem from a variety of factors including an unhealthy diet, difficulty cooking or grocery shopping, decrease in appetite, financial stress or hardship and more. Although there may be nutritional challenges to overcome, the need for nutrient-rich foods and a healthy diet become more of a necessity as we age. Additionally, health professionals agree that individuals dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension can benefit greatly from proper nutrition, along with the expertise and guidance of registered dietitians.

How We Can Help

Sun Health Wellness is proud to offer the guidance of registered dietitians who can provide nutritional counseling, also known as Medical Nutrition Therapy, to help improve your health. Nutritional counseling includes:

  • A review of your eating habits
  • Nutritional education to help you succeed at home
  • Information on nutrition that is specific for your health condition(s)
  • A personalized nutrition plan

Your first visit with one of our registered dietitians will take 60-90 minutes. After the first session, the registered dietitian will schedule follow-up appointments to check on your progress, answer questions and adjust your nutrition goals and treatment plan if necessary.

Insurance Information

Medical Nutrition Therapy, or nutritional consultation, is covered by a variety of insurance plans, including Medicare, for certain conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease. Some plans also provide coverage for nutrition consultations for weight loss or improved health. Check with your insurance provider for specific nutrition coverage details. If your insurance does not cover nutritional counseling for your health issue, Sun Health Wellness offers low out-of-pocket fees for these services.

Pricing and Services

Whether your mission is to lose weight, manage a health condition or cook healthier meals, we offer a variety of nutrition services for you to choose from. Our expert team of registered dietitians is dedicated to your success and will work with you to reach your goal.

Medical Nutrition Therapy, one-on-one appointments $99 per visit

Follow up Medical Nutrition Therapy $79 per visit

Diabetes Prevention Program $599 year-long program

Diabetes Self Management Education Services (5-sessions) $499

Nutrition package (6 visits) $359

Meal Planning (90-minute session) $149 initial session

Meal Planning Follow Up (60-minute session) $79 per session

*Pricing is effective December 1, ,2023 and subject to change.

Wellness Advocates

Our Wellness Advocates are here to support you through your health journey.

Class Calendar

We update our class calendar every month and always have new topics to cover.