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When you are dealing with one or more health conditions, it can be overwhelming to navigate the resources available to you as you strive to live healthy, remain independent and enjoy the highest quality of life. That’s why we provide you with another level of support—Wellness Advocates.

Wellness Advocates are health care professionals who are available to guide you through our comprehensive list of wellness services as well as identify other community resources that may be helpful to you. From physical fitness and nutrition, to cancer care and memory care, our Wellness Advocates can address a full spectrum of health concerns while guiding you through your health journey as a trusted advisor.

How It Works

You will initially meet one-on-one with your personal Wellness Advocate to discuss your current health situation, concerns and your long-term goals. Your Wellness Advocate then serves as your personal guide. They will determine a set of personalized recommendations to help you feel your best, including Sun Health Wellness classes, services and community resources to support your health goals.

Our classes and services cover diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, brain health, support groups and more. Whatever you need, we’re able to provide you with an ideal solution. Should Sun Health Wellness not be able to assist you directly, your Wellness Advocate will refer you to another trusted provider or resource who can assist you. Our goal is to provide personalized support to help our community members learn about and manage their wellbeing—wherever that may be.

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Sun Health Wellness services are available to the entire community. Our classes, services and programs are available to anyone who wishes to participate—there’s no membership required. Many of our programs are covered by insurance plans or have been designed to be a minimal out of pocket cost.

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