Impact Stories

We are proud of our team’s determination to implement our longstanding mission of fostering and championing the health and wellbeing of those living in our community. Meet some of the community members whose lives were forever impacted from participating in our health and wellness programs, classes and support groups.


Diane B.

Diane attended DPP classes over the course of the year; a commitment she made for her long-term health. She is already seeing the benefits. Her A1C level has decreased, her energy level has increased, and she has lost eight pounds.

Larry W.

Larry sees a more positive health future after taking the Diabetes Self-Management Education series. “Quality of life is so important, especially as you get older,” he says. “I want to maintain my quality of life for my beautiful wife and family and be an active, healthy person for as long as I can.”

Melody M.

Melody M.’s journey with Type 2 diabetes has been a rough ride at times.  After diagnosis 10 years ago, she unknowingly began progressing toward liver disease. In 2017 she was informed she had Stage 4 liver disease, which later turned into cirrhosis. By age 62 Melody was told she needed a liver transplant.

Gene S.

Sun Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Education program can help you with the daily, practical skills of managing diabetes, no matter what stage you’re in or what type of diabetes you have.

Janice Park

With the help of Sun Health and lots of brotherly love, Janice Park of Phoenix is showing diabetes who is boss in her life. Janice says her brother has been trying to get her help for years, but nothing was working, that is, until they found Sun Health’s Diabetes Self-Management Education(DMSE) program. “What can I […]

Margie Davis and Don Grafton

A four-month time span is what holds together a lifetime friendship for Margie Davis and Don Grafton of Sun City. The duo became fast friends after both lost their spouses within months of each other. The kinship has proven to be beneficial from a health perspective too. Margie used the skills she learned while attending […]

Linda K.

Since taking Diabetes Self-Management Education program at Sun Health Wellness, Linda’s blood sugar numbers have improved and she has lost a total of 18 pounds by following the advice of the program.

Heather V.

Heather feels comfortable knowing that she is receiving services from Sun Health, a trusted and respectable name in the community, with licensed and professional staff who go above and beyond to assist clients.

Lorraine R.

As Lorraine’s mother’s memory issues progressed, she is more and more grateful for the Memory Care Navigator program. The program is supported by generous donations to the Sun Health Foundation.

Berna Veach

Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing prides itself on its staff who go above and beyond to ensure their clients feel welcome and get the help and support they need to live healthier, happier lives.

Norma Wilson

Norma, a longtime Sun Cities resident and former data processing manager for a wholesale distributor, wanted all of the information and referrals that she could get as she struggled with memory loss.

Benny Tarber

Benny, a veteran, had enjoyed a long career as an accounting manager at the Arizona Department of Economic Security. He had once been honored as the Employee of the Year for the state of Arizona. With the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Estene and Benny worked with Sherry and the navigator program to figure out how their new life would look.

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